A student of yoga since age 11, Ingrid healed her body and her heart through the practice of yoga. Ingrid’s study of yoga, yoga therapeutics, and yoga philosophy led her to become a certified yoga instructor in 2001. Since her certification, she has expanded her practice to teaching yoga, breathing, and meditation techniques to all ages, including young children. Currently she teaches yoga with Inwelligent at Chamber fitness in Davie and at-home private sessions. Because of her deep passion for the practice and the influence derived from the many great spiritual traditions, Ingrid continues to evolve her practice by incorporating both the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga.

Her classes provide a stimulating and safe environment to relax and begin to release stress, emotion, and anxiety through stretching, breathing, and movement. Throughout the practice sessions, students learn to live in the moment of the practice and learn to find acceptance, see self-awareness, feel an interconnection, and rediscover self-love. With her life-affirming and exuberant teaching style, Ingrid offers years of experience to share her empathy and love for the healing process and total wellness to each of her students.

Her dedication to yoga is one filled with personal gratification and strong desire to share what she has learned from the practice. It has been a self-revealing journey through life and one that continues to show her the boundless gifts it has to offer. She continues this journey with the students that give her the honor to teach what she has learned and hopes that its fruitful gifts are passed on for generations to come.